Summer Kick-offs in Norway

As we slowly move out of winter, now is an excellent time to start organising summer kick-off meetings for any important projects. As you’ll know, kick-off meetings can be a great way to focus on a handful of key issues over a couple of days and to get all main team members on the same page and collaborating well together.

For our magazine this month, we’re suggesting to our Scandinavian readers to organise their kick-off meetings closer to home, in the region of Oslo itself.

Why? First, it means less time spent away from family for travel. Second, it’s more convenient to reach your destination. And third, a kick-off meeting in a new location provides a refreshing change of atmosphere, but by keeping it within Scandinavia, your surroundings will still be familiar enough to not distract your focus from the key issues at hand!

Venues for Meetings & Events

As an example of our portfolio, you can choose from some of the following meeting rooms and event spaces in and around Oslo:

Unobstructed views of Oslo city centre, the sea and nearby countryside, from a newly built, energy-efficient development. Amazing in-house restaurants in the same building. Full service provided by in-house employees at the buildings, including coffee bar, dry-cleaning and gym.

Further north from Oslo, a historic farm that still operates today and also provides meeting spaces with tranquil surroundings for team meetings, conferences or events. The farm has a grand ballroom for larger functions, as well as smaller meeting rooms.

Just south of Oslo, a group meeting space by the lake with its own private beach, centred around good food – from Mediterranean buffets in the summer, to seasonal, local produce in the wintertime. It provides a relaxed, intimate and fun environment in which to conduct team meetings, with large indoor rooms as well as plenty of outdoor areas.

In Oslo, a converted old industrial premises dating from 1898 that now houses a creative multi-purpose space that can be used for events, kick-off meetings and more. Capacity suits anything from small groups to events of up to 390 people.

Charming, historic building from 1897 with office and meeting spaces just outside of Oslo. Unique location with views of Lysaker Fjord and a privately-owned segment of the shoreline. Large garden with tennis court, as well as outdoor seating areas to enjoy the views.

What Can Your Kick-Off Look Like?

As you’ll see from the examples above, the spaces we offer combine incredible surroundings and views, with great amenities. We will take the time to work out with how best to plan your kick-off meeting, to make the most of these facilities. And of course, make sure to leave time for participants to enjoy the location.

Examples of what we can include in your itinerary to enhance the quality of your meetings are:

  • Delicious meals in captivating surroundings
  • Walks of interest around the city or in the natural surroundings
  • Sessions with a Wow network specialist to help add new perspectives and dimensions to your team discussions
  • Flexible down-time to allow team members to relax and enjoy informal discussions in a great environment. Indeed, we know that this ‘water cooler’ time can sometimes be an unexpectedly productive part of the meeting!

If organising a kick-off meeting in the region sounds like an interesting idea for you and your team, get in touch! We can explore what your business’ priorities are and what you hope to get out of a kick-off meeting. Then we can start planning an itinerary that meets these needs.

As always, at A2D our focus is on providing a tailor-made, quality service that helps you on the pathway to your goals.


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