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The Travel Wonders Club is for travel lovers curious to stay up-to-date with any new, trendy,  fun and inspirational developments in the traveling world.

It offers the very best from our exclusive knowledge base and network: the latest travel innovations and trends, outside-the-box experiences and uncharted destinations.

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What you'll get

We do a lot of research for our clients, and the Travel Wonders Club is where we share our most exciting findings. Every month, insiders receive new visual collection of fresh and inspiring ideas:

Travel Wonders Collections

A treasure trove of the latest tips, ideas and experiences. They turn travel into an art, delivering a wealth of expertise in an innovative, visual and accessible format. Download our latest Collections or attend a private presentation from A2D founder & CEO, Stig Egard and our Marketing & Lifestyle Expert Lana-Emerald Astin.


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Discover the undiscovered

For the past 26 years we have been combing the planet for the most innovative and exciting discoveries that the world has to offer.

Thanks to our carefully-selected global network of travel partners, we have access to some of the newest and most exciting offerings available worldwide, from the futuristic to the exhilarating – and with everything else in between.

As an insider of our Travel Wonders Club, you can now get a glimpse into our exciting world, delivered straight to you for you and your family to discover.

for A2D Travel clients

Our Travel Wonders Club is free for all our clients, and by special request.

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