Family & Team Documentaries

We believe that every family and Team has a unique story to tell.

Capturing that uniqueness through a documentary or short film is a great gift and a powerful way to communicate your authentic values and perspective on life.

With Wow by A2D, this is possible: we offer a unique service that will help you to document special moments and create something fun during your next holiday gathering or team meeting.

We’ve teamed up with professionals

We’ve teamed up with professionals in the field of photography, videography, and filmmaking who have been helping families and organisations like yours create beautiful images and videos that capture people’s personalities and bring out the best in them.

They will collaborate with you at every step of the process – from preparation to the final edit – making sure that every detail is considered, from the lighting and composition down to the colours used. They will work together with you to create something truly special that captivates, making everyone feel comfortable and at home in front of their cameras.

For Families

Are you looking to document your family’s adventures? Do you want to be able to look back on them years later, or share them with your kids and grandkids?

Our experts can come along with you on your holiday, take beautiful shots and videos of your family, and make sure that those moments are kept forever. If you want to remember what the sky looked like during a full moon in Thailand or the way your kids’ eyes lit up when they saw the pyramids in Egypt, they’ll make sure you have it all recorded.

You could:

  • Create a Family Travel Vlog-style of your adventures
  • Record fun and interesting interviews with each family member
  • Create a documentary or film to show at your next family gathering
  • Capture some intimate and unforgettable moments

For Teams & Organisations

Do you want to share your organisation or team’s story and mission in a way that is genuine and authentic?

Our professionals can accompany you during your next team meeting or conference, to record beautiful videos and images of the event, and to film short interviews of members of your team. Accompanied by our Corporate Storytelling expert, they can create with you a stunning video that captures the authentic story behind your brand, people and mission.

You could:

  • Create a corporate presentation video for your website and marketing channels
  • Record interesting intervews with members of your team
  • Create a mini-documentary to show the whole organisation
Ready to Wow your friends, family and customers?
If you want to discover how we can help you create the perfect documentary, get in touch today and start a conversation.



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