Sleep and Immunity for Teams

As winter rears its head, now is the time to think about boosting the immunity and well-being of your teams, reducing sick days and stress and creating more relaxed and dynamic work environments in the process.

Our Wow Health and Wellbeing experts are on hand to provide tips, tools and cutting-edge practical information to help your employees manage their sleep and immunity better.

Take a look at some ideas below. These can be created as one-off events, as part of a series, or as an extended program for your management teams. And we can bring them straight to your offices, run them entirely online, or offer a combination of the two.

Your Wow Program could include:

A talk and Q&A session with a famous UK sleep expert and author

A workshop on immunity with one of Norway’s most renowned doctors

Regualr breathwork and meditation sessions with a Norwegian expert

1:1 programs for managers combining sleep, nutrition and fitness

A company-branded Sleep & Immunity leaflet designed by a top Sleep expert

Inspired? Book a Wow consultation today.

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