‘Longer Life’ Wellness Travel

A2D introduces you to Longer Life Wellness Travel.

Wellness travel is growing more popular with each decade and with exponential research in the health and wellbeing sphere, we’re beginning to understand that wellness – and longevity – stems from a variety of interconnected factors beyond medical fitness. Mental and emotional health and balanced energy all play a role too.

Wellness travel gives travellers unique opportunities and tools to benefit their wellbeing in a holistic manner. In this article, we explore some of the key trends in this area and some of the best retreats and hotels to relax, rejuvenate and give your health a boost in 2023.

Key Trends

Personal Diagnostics

It’s only logical that to effectively improve your wellbeing, you need hard data to know what areas to address. Hence, wellness destinations are now using advanced diagnostic tools to create bespoke treatment plans for your holiday.

At its spa on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, Chenot provides aging-focused mRNA-based testing. Using the results, they prescribe specific, targeted treatments at the spa. And at Sensei’s Californian Porcupine Creek retreat, guests are given wearable fitness-trackers in advance of their stay, to gather data on factors such as sleep, recovery and fitness. This data is then used to create an individualised itinerary for your stay.

Soak & Detox

Since ancient times, water has been believed to hold therapeutic and healing properties. Modern wellness practises pay homage to this. Destinations understand the multi-factor benefits of water treatments – from encouraging the body to sweat, to socialising, to relaxation, they are incorporating hydrotherapy treatments into their offerings.

For example, at Lefay Resort La Godi Garda in Italy, guests can enjoy multiples of swimming pools and saunas, alongside meditation and relaxation areas. And at Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Colorado, USA, guests have over 40 outdoor soaking and plunge pools to enjoy, alongside Japanese ofuro soaking tubs – all available to use while watching live music performances!

Recovery & Bio-Hacking

Wellness destinations recognise that recovery and future wellbeing are inter-related and are introducing bio-hacking treatments at their resorts to provide bespoke recovery treatments.

At the Six Senses Crans-Montana in Switzerland, guests will be offered access to a bio-hacking lounge. The lounge will offer smart technology that will help identify customised treatments for recovery from a day on the mountains as well as for future benefit. Similarly at Marriott retreat The Hythe in Vail, Colorado, guests will have access to a Recovery Lounge that provides a range of recovery-focused treatments from CBD body wraps to a Himalayan Salt Therapy Lounge!

Retreats for relaxing, switching off, being in nature

Wellness destinations are also harking back to older times when doctors prescribed rest-cures. These rest-cures could take many forms, but the unifying theme was to act as a meaningful break and reset from the busyness and stresses of daily life.

In the Douro Valley, Portugal, Six Senses is introducing a program designed around your sleep chronotype and circadian rhythms and will use technology to suggest how to time your daily activities. And in the nature-embracing spirit of the rest-cure, Joali Being in the Maldives offers guests a sound bathing experience through the jungle in which guests absorb the sounds and vibrations of various instruments.

Holidays with professional guidance

At A2D we know that you want to make the most from your holidays and through our Wow network we can help. We’re lucky to have a range of specialists – including meditation teachers, nutritionists and sleep coaches – in our network, who you can visit directly or organise to work with on your next trip.

These specialists not only bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise but also a great passion for what they do. And as always with A2D’s partners, they will listen to you to understand exactly what questions or issues you have and work with you to address these.

If 2023 is the year that you want to see a healthier and happier you, then drop us a line to start exploring your options. We look forward to creating a unique wellness holiday centred around your needs!



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