Sleep Tourism

The last few years has seen a huge and decisive shift towards wellness both at home and when travelling. Sleep is of course a critical element in wellness and health, so it will come as no surprise that great sleep experiences – with the help of therapies and treatments – has become a burgeoning trend in travel.

Below are just some examples of the experiences we can organise for you, here at A2D.

Hotels & Stays

Park Hyatt

The Park Hyatt in New York has teamed up with A.I. start-up Bryte to provide the One Bedroom Sleep Suite, a residential-style suite that focuses on providing a personalised and restorative sleep by blending sleep science, artificial intelligence and advanced-tech mattresses.

The Bryte mattresses each contain 90 ‘intelligent’ cushions that can identify your body’s pressure points and dynamically adjust the mattress functions and the climate of the room to adapt to your body’s needs. And it provides this functionality for each person, even if you’re sharing the bed! Of course, as with any new wellness technology, you can access your stats and insights from the mattress via your smartphone.

Alongside this bespoke offering, guests can also enjoy in-room amenities that aid the sleep-enhancing experience. From Vitruvi essential oils diffusers to Nollapelli linens, to a mini library of books about sleep – and of course, a sleeping mask.

StarStruck Glamping

In Alpine, Southwest Texas, StarStruck Glamping has set up a nature-focused experience that promises to give you a great night’s sleep, away from the noise of modern technology.

Visitors to StarStruck Glamping can enjoy incredible stargazing and experience sheer awe at the vastness of the cosmos. Once your mind has been cleared and suitably ‘star-struck’, you’ll find yourself ready for a deep night’s sleep. On-site you’re far away from the noise and light pollution of modern life and your body’s natural rhythms will soon take over to lull you to sleep in the camp’s dome-shaped tents.

The solar-powered tents are themselves sophisticated offerings. Each tent has its own telescope for guests and includes high-end amenities from spa-inspired ensuite bathrooms to mini outdoor and indoor kitchens, to air-conditioning and a simple push-button firepit!

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

The Carillion Miami Wellness Resort is a premier beachfront hotel with an array of spa treatments, including an incredible sleep therapy offering.

Guests go through a multi-phase sleep treatment. First, you undergo ‘vibro-acoustic, electromagnetic and infrared’ treatment. In a low-lit room, a high-tech lounger sends fully-body vibrations, frequencies and infrared light to your body. Then you move onto another room for a salt float therapy bath, that’s infused with 800 pounds of Epsom salts. Next, a spa wave treatment, where your body experiences targeted vibrations and soothing sounds. And finally, you enter the Somodome, which is a meditation pod that makes use of colour, sound and energy therapies, tailored to your needs.

And after all that, there’s one final touch to cement the experience. The hotel offers Bryte A.I. mattresses, just like the ones at the Park Hyatt.

Wow Sleep Experts

If you’d like one-on-one learning to enhance your sleep, then we can connect you with sleep practitioners from our Wow network:

  • Learn the Sleep Guru’s Ayurvedic system for a better night’s sleep
  • Take a masterclass in the art of rest and sleep at a retreat in Utah
  • Meet a British sleep expert And psychologist, to explore all matters sleep related.
  • Work with a renowned Norwegian doctor, author of 8 books on health and well-being, including on the science of sleep.

If any of the above experiences, or indeed the concept of sleep tourism generally, interests you then get in touch. With A2D, we explore your options with you and can tailor-make a travel itinerary that’s focused on your specific sleep needs and interests.



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