Wow Experts & Specialists in Scandinavia

Our Wow network is one of the hallmark qualities of our in-the-round service at A2D. Because we pride ourselves on creating travel programmes that are tailored to your needs, we understand that sometimes what you need is a specialist who can infuse some x-factor into your plans and goals.

What is Wow by A2D?

Wow is a global network of international partners that we have been building for nearly three decades. Our international partners are independent professionals in a variety of fields and industries who have achieved excellence in their respective areas, and who we believe can add great value to your own personal or professional development paths.

The range of professionals includes everything from coaches to chefs, to artists, to consultants. Each have shown not only a capacity for excellence in what they do, but also the ability to share their knowledge in useful and engaging ways.

Why Use Wow by A2D?

The benefits of tapping into the Wow network for you, as an individual or organisation, can be significant – you can gain insights into advanced techniques, tools and tips to improve your work, or into winning strategies and innovation mindsets. The wealth of experience you can draw from with our Wow network is immense.

Using our Wow programmes means not only that you get access to this incredible resource, but that it can be delivered to you at any chosen destination – whether it’s your home, office or work retreat or holiday. Our aim is to deliver a Wow experience to you in a place and time that maximises its positive impact on your own progress.

Examples of Wow Experts in Scandinavia

The below are just some examples of our Wow partners that operate in the Scandinavian region, and we have separated them out by category.

Leadership & Innovation

  • Brainstorm and learn from fusion energy researchers
  • Visit Scandinavian tech hubs and explore what’s making them tick
  • Meet a top sustainable start up that changed the second-hand clothing market
  • Meet the company that is developing technologies that can repurpose second-life electric vehicle batteries
  • Brainstorm with a Scandinavian company to learn how they solve plastic waste

Growth & Development

  • Explore organisational psychology with an author and researcher
  • Discover how to implement a wellness program in your business
  • Brainstorm with a previous energy minister
  • Meet with international landscape architects based in a Scandinavian capital
  • Hear a lecture from, and brainstorm with, a Scandinavian ex-prime minister on the Nordic model
Health and Wellbeing
  • Boost your immune system with a professor who’s written 28 books on health and wellbeing
  • Enjoy a 5-day glamping retreat with guided nature yoga and hikes
  • Undertake a survival course with military survival expert
  • Obtain mindfulness and life coaching with one of Scandinavia’s top meditation teachers
  • Learn about mindfulness and stress mastery with the first certified teacher of Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself’ in a Scandinavian country
Food and Lifestyle
  • Have lunch with an ex-Manchester United Manager or player
  • Develop or improve on your cross-country skiing with a world champion
  • Get an introduction to curling and take part in a competition
  • Enjoy an informative wine tour with a top sommelier
  • Take part in a delightful food tour with an award-winning chef
Creativity and Entertainment
  • Meet the Director of a famous Scandinavian art museum for a private guided tour
  • Explore the story of Gustav Vigeland with a specialist journalist, combined with a guided tour
  • Discover Henrik Ibsen’s story with a specialised journalist
  • Discover healing through photography with an international photographer and facilitator
  • Meet the team behind a museum that is the centre for dialogue and debate about the future of architecture and the city

These were just a few examples of our extensive offerings in the Wow network. We know that the first step to learning is to have the wisdom to understand that you don’t know everything – well the second step is to connect with the people who can teach you! With our Wow programmes, we offer an exciting and specialised way to achieve that. We hope we get the chance to show you how.



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