Health and Wellbeing Office Pop-Ups

How Do You Support Your Employees' Wellbeing Without Leaving the Office?

The answer? We bring everything they need to you: teachers, coaches, chefs and all the creative ideas you would need for a smooth and impactful event. 
Many people have a renewed desire to care for their immunity and wellness, and a day or week-long event might be just what you need to inspire and motivate your teams to look after themselves more than ever before.
After introducing Wow plant-based office pop-ups in our previous
edition, here is some inspiration for a Health and Wellbeing Pop-Up.
Wow Pop-Ups are small in-house events for your teams to enjoy, bringing the best of our network of Wow partners to your doorstep. They help you provide new expertise and tools directly to your employees, while enjoying a fun and connecting experience.

What would a Health and Wellbeing Pop-Up look like?


You could:

Host an Office wellness day or week

Organise a program of activities, food and talks

Run talks on nutrition, posture, stretching and sleep

Offer individual wellbeing check-ins for employees

Set up tasters sessions for yoga, meditation, fitness and breathwork

Share healthy meals and snacks from a local store or restaurant

Set up a temporary still room or no-phone quiet area

Create a survey to understand the needs of your employees


Wow Pop-Up are completely bespoke to fit your needs while navigating all current event requirements. Get in touch today to start a conversation!

Inspired? Book a Wow consultation today.

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