Plant-Based Office Pop-Ups

How do you reward and inspire your teams without leaving the office?

We have a solution for that: Wow Pop-Ups are small in-house events for your teams to enjoy, bringing the best of our network of Wow partners to your doorstep. We’ll be introducing some more pop-up ideas over the coming months, and we’re starting off in January with a dive into the world of plant-based food.

With a market growing 29% year over year, vegan (and vegetarian) food is on the rise, thanks to its cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly appeal. And with some of the best chefs in the world turning their eyes toward plants, it will be a trend to watch in 2022.

In Norway, plant-based eating is slowly gaining traction: while only a few years ago plant-based restaurants were hard to find in Oslo, there are now some strong contenders, including offerings from award-winning chefs (Nordvegan), food trucks (Vippa Oslo) and brasseries (Funky Fresh Foods).

But plant-based doesn’t always mean food: companies worldwide are currently scrambling to find alternatives to our current oil and plastic derivatives. An Oslo start-up founded in 2020 is for example exploring innovations with fungi (mushrooms) to develop alternatives for everything from food to materials, such as alternative meat and bioplastics.

What would a Plant-Based Pop-Up look like? You could:

  • Offer your teams a plant-based menu for a meal or for the day
  • Set-up plant-based cooking classes with a local plant-based chef
  • Invite plant-based tech, retail or food innovators to give a talk to your teams

Wow Pop-Up are completely bespoke to fit your needs while navigating all current event requirements. Get in touch today to start a conversation!

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