”Bleisure”: Take Your Teams Abroad

Welcome to the age of 'bleisure' travel​

What is bleisure travel? It’s the merging of business and leisure travel. Typically, one adds in leisure travel elements to a business trip you’ve already got lined up. This might involve adding on a few extra leisure days on either side of your business trip or breaking up workdays with leisure activities.

As you can imagine, due to the pandemic’s effects on how and where we work, bleisure travel has really taken off in the last couple of years. For travellers, this means that you’ll be looking for destinations and facilities that are flexible and can cater to a variety of needs and activities. Luckily, businesses and service providers are stepping up.

Business Innovation Travel

At A2D, our Business Innovation Travel (BiT) programs are perfect for the bleisure traveller! Whether you’re an individual who would like to add a business element to your leisure time, or a manager looking to transplant your team for an entire week to an exciting and relevant destination – we’ve got you covered.

With our BiT programs, you can grow the impact of your business, your connections and gain access to new people, places and business opportunities.

Sample Programs

Construction & Green Housing


  • Explore the incredible construction and green housing projects in Antwerp, where historic buildings and modern design coincide
  • Visit the Palazzo Verde whose roof purifies 5 tons of CO2 a year, or see PAKT, the old military hospital that now hosts farms and ecosystems on its roof!
  • Meet with community leaders behind the Green Quarter neighbourhood and the Tuinstraten project


  • Discover Amsterdam’s innovations in green property, a real heartland of innovation
  • Visit the Johan Cruiff ArenA which houses 4,300 solar panels on its retractable roof and serves multiple functions
  • View the most sustainable office building in the world at The Edge, and explore VERTICAL, a highly sustainable residential building that utilises natural resources
  • Meet with architects of the Circl pavilion, a recycled materials masterpiece, and the minds behind De Ceuval, Amsterdam’s ‘clean tech’ playground

Future Transport

Electric Valley (Phoenix, Arizona)

  • Transplant to the heart of Electric Valley to discover the innovations happening in transport
  • Meet leaders at Waymo, the self-driving taxi company operating out of Phoenix and San Francisco
  • Observe the USA’s first self-driving delivery vehicle, created by Google-alumni company Nuro
  • Visit electric vehicle manufacturers at Lucid and Nikola

Food Retail

New York

  • Use your time in New York to explore the sheer variety of innovation in food retail
  • Meet the innovators behind Oishii, a vertical farm growing delicate and high-value Japanese strawberries in the heart of New York
  • Visit Brooklyn Grange and Rooftop Reds, companies that utilise advanced agricultural methods to transform rooftop spaces for farming and vineyards, respectively
  • Explore the offerings at Farmshelf and Fraîche, who each provide innovative solutions to consumers to access fresh produce and healthy foods
  • Stay in the beautiful Catskills mountains and take day trips into New York for meetings and site visits

How it Works

1. Get in Touch

You start by getting in touch with your idea or topic of interest.

2. Consultation

We will get a deeper understanding of your company's unique needs and requirements.

3. Preparation

We put together a tailored program of business activities, meetings, hotels, flights, meals and entertainment.

4. Travel

All you and your team need to do is show up at the airport: we do the rest!

If these example programs have piqued your interest, then get in touch with us today for a discussion about your business’ needs and areas of innovation that you’re interested in.

We pride ourselves on creating BiT programs that are bespoke to you and that provide another stepping stone on your business’ path to future growth!



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