Discover Sustainable Barcelona: Ametller Origen’s Success Story

Barcelona is not only known for its vibrant culture and stunning architecture but also as the home of a revolutionary concept that has educated Catalunya on sustainable and healthy living: Ametller Origen. This family-owned business, deeply rooted in Catalunya’s agricultural heritage, has dramatically transformed local markets.

Ametller's Evolving Story

The journey of Ametller Origen began over a century ago, with origins dating back to the early 19th century when the Ametller family ventured into agriculture. Despite facing numerous challenges over the years, the family’s resilience and innovative spirit led them to adapt and evolve, culminating in a brand synonymous with quality, sustainability, and health-conscious products.

Ametller Origen stands out today in the crowded marketplace by not just selling products but by educating consumers on the importance of sustainable and healthy living. This educational approach is embedded in every facet of their business, from the careful selection of products that align with their ethos to the transparent sharing of their journey with customers. By doing so, they have cultivated a loyal customer base that values not only the quality of the products but also the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and local communities.

Growth and Market Influence

Ametller Origen has expanded its footprint significantly, with over 100 stores across the region of Catalunya, serving as testament to their success and commitment to their mission. Each store is not just a retail space but a hub for community engagement and learning, offering an array of products sourced from local producers who share their dedication to sustainable practices.

The company has seen remarkable expansion, emphasising their substantial impact in the region. Contrary to the broader supermarket sector’s complaints about the high costs of local products, Ametller Origen has successfully demonstrated that quality local products can be offered at competitive prices. This achievement underscores their significant role in shaping consumer preferences towards more sustainable choices.

What A Barcelona Program Can Include

A Business Innovation Travel program to Barcelona can include a study tour of Ametller Origen’s stores, combined with excursions to local wineries and small producers in Catalunya, such as: Masia Torreblance, Freixenet and Cellar Kripta or BUIL & GINÉ.

This immersive experience will offer tremendous insights into the sustainable agricultural practices that are at the heart of Ametller Origen’s philosophy. Your teams can witness firsthand the meticulous care taken in producing organic fruits, vegetables, and wines, understanding the impact of these practices on the quality of the products and the environment.

In addition to exploring the sustainable food landscape, Barcelona offers a plethora of cultural and entertainment options to complement the educational tour. The city is famous for its football fervour, with FC Barcelona being one of the most celebrated clubs globally. A visit to Camp Nou, the iconic stadium, can be an exhilarating experience for football fans.

Music and arts enthusiasts have plenty to explore as well, with Barcelona hosting numerous concerts, festivals, and exhibitions throughout the year. The vibrant arts scene is a reflection of the city’s rich cultural heritage, offering a diverse range of experiences from classical music concerts to contemporary art galleries.

What's On in 2024


  • FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad on the 12th of May
  • FB Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano on the 19th of May
  • 2024-2025 Season Dates TBA



  • MotoGP Gran Premi: 24-26th May
  • Formula 1: 21-23rd June
  • America’s Cup: 12-20th October



  • Primavera Sound: 30th May – 1st June
  • Sonar Festival: 13-15th June

If you are looking to provide a unique and meaningful incentive for your employees, a trip to Barcelona centred around the Ametller Origen concept presents a perfect blend of education, culture, and leisure. This experience not only offers an opportunity for team building and relaxation but also inspires a deeper understanding and appreciation of sustainable living practices.

The Ametller Origen concept in Barcelona represents a beacon of sustainability and health in the modern marketplace. By integrating a visit to their stores with cultural and entertainment activities in Barcelona, your organisation can enjoy a holistic and enriching experience that combines the pleasures of travel with the virtues of sustainable living.

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