Eco-Housing and Green Buildings

In today’s Business Inspiration Travel newsletter, we’re inviting you to discover some of the most innovative and forward-thinking green housing and sustainable building projects in Europe.

Whatever your industry, now is the time to discover how you can meet your own company’s sustainability and environmental goals. And there’s no better way to do that than by organising a team visit to some of these inspiring projects.

With our international network of global partners, we can offer you first-hand access: meet the developers and construction teams, run a workshop for your employees, or organise a site visit with the architects. All of this, combined with the very best hospitality, food and entertainment that the industry can offer: A2D’s trademark quality and service.

If you want to find out more about how we can create a sustainability and eco-housing Business Inspiration Travel program for your company, get in touch to start the conversation!


Stig Egard
Owner & CEO

Here are some inspiring eco-housing projects in 3 different European cities (Barcelona, Antwerp and Copenhagen), each exciting in its own unique way, and available to visit as part of an A2D Business Inspiration Travel program.

A wealth of similar projects are also available in London, Stockholm, Milan and Amsterdam.


 The eight-storey Ciderers building in the district of Les Roquetes is the tallest building in Spain built with wood, and a true innovation in its use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. The block has 32 cooperative homes and community spaces, defined by the team of designers in collaboration with the people who will live in it.
 The 110-meter Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel takes sustainability to a whole new level, with exterior windows shaped like tree leaves, interior spaces fitted with natural vegetation including palm trees, plants, bushes and hanging vines surrounding the hotel’s 357 rooms, and interior spaces naturally lit by sunlight flowing in through window panels.


Palazzo Verde will be one of the greenest buildings in Belgium, purifying 5 tons of CO2 per year thanks to a micro forest on the roof gardens and balconies with 86 trees, 1,000 shrubs and 1,200 plants.
PAKT is an old military hospital and derelict warehouses with an 1800m2 urban agriculture project on the rooftops where over 100 urban farmers grow food, offering a unique ecosystem where work is combined with sports, leisure and farming.


Refshaleøen are carbon-neutral apartments made of old shipping containers floating in Copenhagen’s harbor, using low energy pumps, solar panels and a system that converts seawater into a free and efficient heat source. They offer a true community on the water, including public floating parks and common spaces in and around the housing rigs.

Completed in 2013, UN City is a showcase for sustainable buildings in Copenhagen and around the world, offering a rainwater collection system to flush the toilets, sea water cooling, district heating, intelligent facade to control indoor environment temperature, and a centrally-controlled building management system.

Other Copenhagen developments include the Holmene neighbourhood, UN17 Village, CPH-Ø1, Nordhavn, Nordea’s Danish HQ building, and Copenhill.

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