Global Tech Hubs

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Whatever business you are in, there is no better way to refresh and revitalise your teams and organisation that to take them on a fun and inspiring trip to some of the world’s leading tech hubs.
  • Connect to inspiring leaders, new talent and innovative suppliers
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration and co-learning
  • Promote connection and communication within your own teams
Tech hubs are physical concentrations of companies working in the fields of technology and related activities, and here are the 4 of our choice:


The city has become a major hub for artificial intelligence, video game development, biotechnology, and travel startups, already attracting multinational corporations such as IBM, Facebook, Google, and Samsung. Montreal is a dynamic place – with the edgiest creative arts scene in Canada – and a meeting point for artists, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking start-ups.


The Catalan capital is home to the European headquarters of Amazon and Facebook, and there’s good reason why: the Catalan capital is one of the cities with the highest number of developers, and some of the most forward-thinking tech scenes on the continent – including the Mobile World Congress and Barcelona Tech, home to more than 1,200 companies. For more detail about Barcelona’s hubs, see this recent post.


Dubbed the next Silicon Valley, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the US, consisting of 1,350 tech companies and 17,00 employees. It spreads over 3 sites: Brooklyn Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO, home to more tech companies than any other neighbourhood, including Etsy which employs 90% of its employees at its Brooklyn HQ.


Mexico’s 2nd largest city is home to the “Mexican Silicon Valley”, housing over 15 US corporations, 600 companies, 78,000 IT professionals, 35 design centres and 4 research centers. The birthplace of mariachi and tequila has become a design and innovation center, hosting some of Mexico’s biggest tech events, such as Jalisco Talent Land Digital, which brings together business, government and education to promote tech entrepreneurship.

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