Innovative Ice Cream Shops & Bakeries

The food industry is full of creative ideas and innovative concepts. Here’s the scoop on the most delicious ice cream shops and bakeries in the world, and an invitation to take your team behind-the-scenes of some of the world’s best-selling pastries and ice cream delights from London to New York to Paris.

Latest Innovations & News

In 2022, both the ice cream and baking industries are turning toward healthier alternatives, plant-based options, creative flavours, limited-run editions and products that focus on taste, texture and indulgence.

Ice Cream

  • Dappa in Brick Lane, London is leading the way with innovative plant-based, “thick, rich and outrageously creamy” soft serve blended from almonds and cashew nuts.


  • Winner, the hit scoop shop and bakery in Park Slope New York, and experts in creating unusual flavours with names such as “Morning in Paris”, launched their culinary innovation hot dog ice cream “Let The Dogs Out”; a “toasted buttered bun ice cream with medallions of caramelized Nathan’s all beef hot dogs”.


  • Jaja Tequila and Tipsy Scoop teamed up to create four new limited-edition flavours for the Cinco de Mayo celebration, at three locations in New York as well as for online purchase.


  • 3 Kaveria in Finland has grown into Finland’s best-loved ice-cream band within 10 years, using only fresh and real ingredients, and can now be found in all major supermarket chains in Finland and Sweden.


  • Günther Gelato, possibly the best Gelateria in Rome, offers small-batch organic ingredients and micro-filtered organic milk with must-try flavours like the ‘Pino Mugo’, made with the essential oil of mountain pine needles.


  • The Pierre Geronimi tea salon in Paris offers innovative ice cream and surprising sorbet flavours such as mustard, poivre tumulte, beetroot, and others with dill, sage, rosemary, parsley and coriander mixed with syrup.


  • Knead Love Bakery in Brooklyn NY creates cinnamon buns that are whole-grain, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, naturally fermented for 4-8 hours, and incorporate local ingredients to support the local economy.


  • Margot Bakery is one of North London’s most popular bakeries (and one of London’s best) and is opening up a new bigger venue in Holloway Road. Artisan baker Michelle Eshkeri has won applause for her focus on sweet sourdough: everything from challah to babka and croissants is leavened with it.


  • Route One Bakery and Kitchen, a little-known stop in Marin near San Francisco, is a great example of how bakeries can foster new ideas while meeting their customers where they are: the local country bakery pairs relaxed service with a slow food ethos, innovations like sea urchin butter, and a menu nearly entirely made from scratch.


  • New bakeries are popping up in Madrid to resurrect the art of Spanish bread-making, run by young bakers keen to bring back sourdough, a 24-hour fermentation process and unrefined flour to make some of the country’s most famous bread and pastries.


  • Boulangerie Utopie in Paris is a dynamic and forward-thinking favourite, serving innovative pastries, classic fresh bread and ‘travel pastries’ together under one roof.


2 Days in London

Day 1:

  • Arrival in London and check-in to the Rosewood Hotel
  • Bakery tour including Margot Bakery and the Chestnut Bakery
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tour of ice-cream shops including Gelupo, Dappa and Rambutan Ice
  • Dinner and Evening entertainment (Concert or West End show)

Day 2:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Morning workshop with local retailers and suppliers
  • Lunch
  • Departure

3 Days in New York

Day 1:

  • Arrival in New York and check-in
  • Bakery tour including the Knead Love Bakery, Otway Bakery and L’Apartment 4F
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tour of ice-cream shops including Sugar Hill Creamery, Tipsy Scoop and Winner
  • Dinner and Evening entertainment (Concert, sporting event or Broadway show)


Day 2:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Morning workshop with local retailers and suppliers
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon site visit of production lines and factories
  • Evening dinner with innovative bakery and ice-cream shop owners


Day 3:

  • Breakfast at local bakery with the owners
  • Morning workshop and brainstorming session
  • Lunch
  • Departure

2 Days in Paris

Day 1:

  • Arrival and check-in
  • Bakery tour including Boulangerie Utopie, Chambelland and Du Pain Et Des Idées
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tour of ice-cream shops including the Pierre Geronimi tea salon, Scaramouche and Bac á Glace
  • Dinner and Evening entertainment (Concert, sporting event or show)

Day 2:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Morning workshop with local retailers and suppliers
  • Lunch
  • Departure


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