International Slow Food Programs

As the world shifts toward exploring healthier and more sustainable food, lifestyle and travel options, slow food has been emerging as an inspiring and innovative concept.

But what is it, how can it benefit your organisation, and what could a slow food program entail for you and your teams? Let’s take a look!

What is ‘slow food’?

The Slow Food movement was born in the late 1980s to counteract the rise of fast life and fast food trends, by safeguarding local food cultures and traditions and increasing people’s interest in the food they eat. It is now a global movement involving millions of people who believe in a world where people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, the producers and the planet.

What can you learn from the slow food concept?

 Discovering slow food through the eyes of local food experts, sampling local delicacies along the way, while meeting producers, suppliers, experts and chefs can usher in a fresh wave of inspiration and ideas in other areas of your business. Learning from this inspiring philosophy can help your teams think differently about food, retail and lifestyle, while also sparking new ideas to improve the impact of your organisation on quality of life, health, sustainability and the environment.

What a slow food innovation program can look like:

Create a bespoke and off-the-beaten-track program for your team in places like Lake Como, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid or Paris, drawing on our international Wow network of partners and experts to create an inspiring and fun program.

    • Explore some of Europe’s top food markets with local food journalists
    • Enjoy talks or workshops with local experts and chefs
    • Meet local producers and market innovators
    • Dine out at family-run restaurants or discover Michelin-starred gastronomy
    • Treat your team to a fun cooking or wine tasting class


All of this, while enjoying A2D’s trademark attention to detail, for an impactful and hassle-free experience.

If you want to discover the world of slow food, get in touch today to start a conversation.



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