Plant-Based Barcelona

Plant-based food is on the way up.

Recognised by many as a healthy, smart and sustainable option, its boring and tasteless image has been steadily replaced by an army of restaurants offering creative, delicious and healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Just like sushi in the 80s, which went from a single restaurant in Oslo to a favourite for many people, plant-based food is being applauded the world around for it’s healthy, sustainable and environmentally-friendly appeal.

The city of Barcelona boasts some of the most incredible plant-based food in Spain. Combine these gastronomic wonders with visits to local organic producers, farm-to-table eateries, and a guided tour of the local food markets with an A2D expert. Meet local chefs, producers and innovators in the food and supermarket industries, and inspire your teams to a new level.

Take a look at 4 inspiring and innovative options.

Xavier Pellicer

Awarded the “Best Vegetables Restaurant of the World” in 2018, this cosy and intimate space serves up Michelin-star worthy dishes made from healthy, organic and local products, in accordance with its Healthy Kitchen motto: “a balance between the pleasure of ingestion and the well-being of digestion”.

Woki Organic Market

In the very heart of Barcelona, Woki Organic Market is an ecological restaurant inside a market where you can buy and eat 100% organic products. The menu offers many delicious vegetarian and vegan options including burgers, pasta, and homemade dishes.

Flax & Kale Passage

The brainchild of Teresa Carles, the original pioneer behind Spain’s vegetarian restaurants, this innovative ‘flexitarian’ restaurant (80% vegetarian) is the flagship of the Flax & Kale brand, serving up gluten-free healthy pizzas, Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine, and even its own Kombucha lab.


A vegetarian bistro tucked away in the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, Rasoterra offers slow food made with 100% plant-based, seasonal and local products, with plenty of imaginative and delicious options to share.

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