The Future of Energy

The energy industry is experiencing constant innovation. As global action to address the climate crisis, as well as recent energy crises, advances, new ideas are being tested every day. Business Innovation Travel gives you the chance to meet with innovators face-to-face and gain ideas, inspiration and lessons from their own experiences.

Key Trends

The industry is experiencing developments in some key areas. With advances in technology, we’re seeing the use of technology in energy infrastructure to create efficiencies, predict supply and demand, and identify areas for further innovation. The replacement of fossil fuels is a big trend – projects are exploring the replacement of fossil fuels in the creation of many products, from buildings to toothpaste!

With the move away from fossil fuels, the development of alternative energy sources is being prioritised. One of the biggest areas of growth we’re seeing is in the solar energy arena. Coming up not far behind is also the development of hydrogen as a consistent and safe energy source.

Finally, as we all try to make changes in the way we get and use our energy, new financial models are being developed to enable those with less economic means to take advantage of energy saving methods.

Sample Innovations

  • For technology in energy infrastructure, the company Enervalis, based in Hasselt, Belgium, provides an IT platform that monitors energy sources and predicts demand and supply using AI and big data.
  • Kayross, in Paris, France, also uses technology in infrastructure to identify climate and environmental trends from satellite imagery and track activity such as pipeline leaks. It was a winner of the Financial Times Tech Champions Award 2022.
  • In the field of solar energy, good news for Disney fans as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA has committed to doubling its solar energy infrastructure, helping to move the huge theme park to a greener energy model. Firms like URBASOLAR in Montpellier, France will continue to play a big role in the adoption of solar power. The company offers turnkey solutions for clients looking to go solar
  • Sainsbury’s in the UK which uses ‘scan and bag’ technology to ease congestion at checkout queues.
  • Similarly, Heliogen in Pasadena, California, uses AI to precisely control mirrors to manipulate solar energy into a much more intense form that can then be used for energy intensive industries like cement manufacturing.
  • Exploring another fossil fuel alternative is HiiROC in Hull, UK, which is developing a way to produce low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen from micro to industrial scale.
  • In attempts to move away from fossil fuels in products, Twelve, in Berkley, California, is creating chemicals usually extracted from fossil fuels – that are used in products like toothpaste – all without using fossil fuels themselves.
  • At Blocpower in Brooklyn, NY, the team have developed a financial model that allows low-income homeowners the chance to lease energy efficient equipment like heat pumps, thereby lowering their capital expenses in turn.
  • Farmshelf, also a New York company, which creates smart, indoor farms for consumer end-use in the home – and provides consumers with materials and guidance.

Sample Destinations


Amsterdam lives and breathes energy innovations. Here you can find tech solutions like the one-stop-shop cloud platform provided by Woon Duurzaam, which connects sustainable home renovators with equipment, suppliers and installers. Or the online platform run by ZonnepanelenDelen which finances small-scale solar projects in a simple and accessible way. Indeed, Amsterdam itself is experiencing innovation – the local government is prioritising the use of solar and wind power, and the new Energy Innovation Park in Alkmaar, nearby, is intended exactly as a space for energy companies to establish and exchange ideas.

Sample Program: Amsterdam

Day 1

Flight Oslo-Amsterdam
DEP 07:55 ARR 10:00
Woon Duurzaam
Check-in at hotel

Day 2

Check-out of hotel
Energy Innovation Park
Workshop with the team at the Energy Transition Campus
Flight Amsterdam-Oslo
DEP 19:05 ARR 20:50


It’s not surprising that as a hotbed of innovation, Barcelona City itself is engaged in the transition to renewable energy. It has Barcelona Energía, which is the first public electricity distributor in Spain to be created with the aim of promoting the generation of local and renewable energy. In Barcelona you can also find energy start-ups like Eixverd that installs solar panels, gardens and green walls, all on building rooftops; HolaLuz which provides 100% green energy to homes at an affordable flat rate, and Dexma which created DEXCell – an energy saving tool that lets companies identify and manage their energy consumption.

Sample Program: Barcelona

Day 1

Flight Oslo-Barcelona
DEP 09:10 ARR 12:40
Can Rigal Park
Plaça de les Glòries
Workshop with Eixverd
Check-in at hotel

Day 2

Check-out of hotel
Workshop with the Barcelona Energía team
Flight Barcelona-Oslo
DEP 18:15 ARR 21:40

What Your Program Can Include

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With so many innovations in energy going on, now is a great time to be traveling to experience them for yourselves! With A2D, our Business Innovation Travel program takes into account your business’ needs and areas you want to grow and connects you with the projects that can provide you with the ideas and inspiration you need.



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