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A2D Business Innovation Travel is a unique platform that connects businesses with the future of various sectors, including transportation, technology, green housing, and food innovation. From exploring intelligent retail journeys in Europe to hosting conferences at iconic stadiums, A2D offers a plethora of opportunities for leading organizations to familiarize themselves with cutting-edge innovations. Whether it’s an incentive trip to a stunning winery in Spain or a “Bleisure” experience combining content with travel and entertainment, A2D is paving the way for business travel with a twist.

In the bustling heart of the UK, a vibrant culinary revolution unfolds, led by the burgeoning popularity of supper clubs and pop-ups. From London’s eclectic neighborhoods to the cultural hotspots of Manchester and beyond, these innovative dining experiences blend the comfort of intimate, home-like settings with the exquisite flair of professional gastronomy. This new wave of food culture not only enriches the local food scene but also fosters a sense of community and connection among diners from all walks of life, creating unforgettable culinary journeys steeped in authenticity and creativity. in London: Imagine dining in a retired Victoria Line tube train, where the charm of London’s underground meets the vibrant tastes of Latin America. At, guests are treated to a six-course menu brimming with Latin American delights, all served by a team known for their warmth and attentive service. This unique setup provides a memorable backdrop, adding a novel twist to London’s dynamic food scene.

Fengzhen Supper Club in Crystal Palace: Jay Zhang’s home in Crystal Palace transforms into the Fengzhen Supper Club, where diners indulge in authentic Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine. The club’s signature 10-course tasting menu is a homage to traditional flavours, prepared with a personal touch that adds warmth to each dish, offering a truly homely yet exotic culinary experience.

Jamanvar Supper Club in Primrose Hill: Tucked away in the charming area of Primrose Hill, Jamanvar Supper Club offers an intimate setting where seasonal and authentic Gujarati cuisine takes center stage. Utilizing locally sourced ingredients, their menu frequently changes but consistently delivers a taste of Gujarat’s rich culinary heritage, crafted with both passion and precision.

The Howff Secret Supper Club in Dundee: Hidden in the depths of Dundee, The Howff Secret Supper Club presents an elusive dining adventure featuring an 8-course seasonal menu that showcases the best of local Scottish produce. The underground setting and the need for advance booking make each meal an exclusive event, enhancing the allure and mystery of the dining experience.

Supper Clubs by Studio Mytha in Manchester: Studio Mytha, a creative branding agency in Manchester, organizes supper clubs that fuse creative expression with culinary delights. Each event includes a workshop or presentation, designed to foster connection among creative minds while they savor innovative dishes in a stimulating environment. This combination of food and creativity sparks both conversation and inspiration.

Proof Supper Club in London: Set to make its mark in London in June 2024, Proof Supper Club is part of a thrilling world tour that features a collaboration with renowned chefs at each stop. This supper club specialises in an exclusive live fire menu, meticulously crafted to offer an intimate and unforgettable dining experience, highlighting the artistry and innovation of global culinary talents.

The UK’s supper clubs and pop-ups represent a flourishing sector of the urban culinary landscape, offering dynamic and diverse dining experiences that cater to the adventurous palate. These establishments not only provide a stage for culinary innovation but also promote cultural exchange and social interaction in uniquely personal settings. Ready to explore this modern dining movement? Book your spot on the A2D Business Innovation Travel program today, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts eager to push the boundaries of gastronomy.

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