Unique Spanish Hotels

In this article we’re highlighting two of our Spanish Black Book partner properties, who will provide you with unique pathways to explore authentic Spain – first, on the exhilarating coast of Galicia, and second, in the historic heart of Girona.

Parador de Baiona

In 1910, the Spanish Government commissioned the creation of multiple paradores (government-run hotels) to serve as unique and heritage-driven accommodation for tourists and travellers all over Spain. Today, these paradores cater to the high-end market and provide one-of-a-kind experiences for visitors, connecting with the history and culture of the country and their immediate localities. The Parador de Baiona is one such hotel.

On the Monterreal peninsula of the historic town of Baiona, in Galicia, you can find the Parador de Baiona and its accompanying restaurants tucked away behind historic fortress walls. The Parador de Baiona occupies the historic fortress of Baiona, and so it is blessed with a vantage point with views of both sea and land.

At the Parador de Baiona, alongside the splendour of your historical surroundings and the peaceful walled courtyard, you can enjoy a large garden, swimming pool and tennis courts, providing you with great options to rest and relax.

For delicious dining, look to the hotel’s two on-site restaurants – the Restaurante Torre del Príncipe and the Enxebre La Pinta. At the Restaurante Torre, you will discover the finest of Galician fish and seafood and classic Galician dishes, and at the Enxebre La Pinta, dig into a more informal meal in a traditional atmosphere, where you can enjoy hearty Galician dishes and local ingredients.

When you’re ready to venture beyond the fortress’ walls, you can explore the popular tourist town of Baiona. Meander through the medieval streets and take in the history and atmosphere. From Baiona’s lookout points, you can survey the splendour of the Cíes Islands. Further afoot, you can enjoy beautiful and relaxing walks along the nearby beaches – Ribeira, Concheira and Barbiera.

Casa de Cacao

On the opposite side of the country, in Girona, is the Casa de Cacao. A boutique hotel housed in a listed building, Casa de Cacao provides unique accommodation from which to enjoy the charms of historic Girona, including panoramic views from its rooftop terrace.

What makes Casa de Cacao special is that it sits on top of a chocolate atelier, run by the brother of the hotel’s owner, and his business partner. In fact, it was the Casa de Cacao atelier that came first – the hotel was established later to provide a fuller experience for visitors.

The hotel itself is modern, bright and elegant in its décor and makes use of natural materials. Each of its 15 rooms is decorated in subtly different ways to mirror the diversity of the cacao beans the atelier uses, with many details that are handmade and customised.

One thing all rooms have in common: each night you will find an elevated and thoughtful version of the typical ‘chocolate on your pillow’. You can follow this up during you stay with a visit to the atelier to try other varieties of their chocolate and see it being made on site.

When you’re ready for a substantial meal in the morning, just head up to the hotel’s restaurant, La Teressa, for a tasting breakfast made with local, seasonal products. Or if you feel like a lie in, enjoy a hearty brunch which spotlights local producers, to help fill you up for your explorations of Girona’s historic quarters and medieval walls.

These were just two of our Black Book partner properties in Spain. If you’re ready to book a trip to them soon – or are curious about our other Black Book offerings – then get in touch. At A2D, we take pride in creating a bespoke travel itinerary for you that will set the scene for unique and memorable experiences!



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